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Shingeki no-nSense

click one of the names...I'm doodling! ^3^~ (and I'll doodle the chara you choose) 

5 deviants said Darron
5 deviants said Simon
4 deviants said Conan
4 deviants said Haku
3 deviants said Corinne
3 deviants said Axel
2 deviants said Angelique
1 deviant said Nora
1 deviant said Maurice
No deviants said Lina

Introducing Simon, Conan, Maurice and Andrew~!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 8, 2014, 2:56 PM
Tagged by :iconsegagal:

1. Pick the character(s) you want to use
2. RP as your character and answer each question.
3. Tag people I am a dummy! !

I will pick more than one because I wanna introduce some of my OC's to you all CX
I'll pick:
Simon's Ref by Lauretta-Chan  *Conan~ Ref. + Backstory* by Lauretta-Chan  Ref: Maurice Sterling by Lauretta-Chan  The cheeky puppy by Lauretta-Chan
Simon Harper;        Conan Coleman;     Maurice Sterling;    Andrew Johnson


1. Introduction time! What is your name?

Simon: I'm Simon Harper....-gazes at you-
Conan: U-umm my name is Conan...Conan Coleman -rubs his arm a little nervous-
Maurice: I'm Maurice Sterling, can I help you? -smiles politely at you and places his hands behind his back-
Andrew: My name is Andrew Johnson -wags his tail and winks at you-

2. Awesome! What gender are you?

Simon: pfff are you blind? -3-....I'm male! -crosses his arms-
Conan: I'm male... >.>;;
Maurice: Well as you can see I'm male haha -chuckles a little-
Andrew: Hmmm well what do you think~? ....alright I'm a boy ;D

3. Your age?

Simon: 20....
Conan: I am 18 years old o^o ....i-is this important?
Maurice: I am 21 years .... not that old, hm? ^^
Andrew: I'm 22 years yound and still fresh like a baby~ >w< -pets his cheeks-

4. What do you love?

Simon: -perks ears- I umm.... I like to draw... -smiles blushing-
Conan: I love it to read and write some own stories, then I feel safe, heh... -folds his hands-
Maurice: I really love it t help other people! -smiles widely- I like it to get to know them and help them -tilts his head a little to the side-
Andrew: Ohhh I love so many things~ =u= ....but I love fashion and modeling, good lord the high society is so wonderful!  :heart:

5. What do you hate?

Simon: I hate it when I get pushed around or get bullied...especially from my older step brother -n- ... and I hate it when my depressions are coming over me.... -looks away and rubs his arm-
Conan: I...I hate it when someone is picking on me or when it get's louder in the scares me -looks a bit nervous around-
Maurice: Hmm what I hate... -tips thinking his chin- I guess I totally hate it when I'm not able to help anymore...when I am to weak to help and someone other has to help -pins his ears back-
Andrew: Hmmm is there anything I hate?? o3o.... hating is such a strong bad word, I would say I dislike being alone and being bossed around.

6. Got any powers.

Simon: duuuh???....
Conan: ummm I wouldn't call that a power....more a disease >.>;;;
Maurice: Thanks to my healing hands I am able to heal a small wound, a light flu and alleviate pain and depressions or a 'hurting heart'.
Andrew: being sexy a power? o//3//o

7. Ever hurt or helped someone with your powers?

Simon: ..... -.- I won't answer that...
Conan: Not really....
Maurice: More than one.....but ....I couldn't help the person who was the closest for me.... -folds ears back and turns away-
Andrew: I have no idea o//3//o;

8. Okay time to get personal!

Simon: Oh dear... 8///I
Conan: U-umm...o-okay? >.>....<.<
Maurice: Alright, let's go!
Andrew: Where are the questions~?! owo

9. Who was your first crush?

Simon: ....-flops ears- my ex boyfriend...
Conan: I uh... never had a crush -looks around and rubs his arm-
Maurice: My first crush?? .... a girl that was in the same class like me.
Andrew: My current boyfriend Adam :heart:

10. Ever asked your crush out? If so what was it like?

Simon: He asked me out and it was quite nice for a first date.
Conan: -sighs and looks down-....
Maurice: N-No >///> ....
Andrew: He asked me out and it was wonderful~! -sways happily with his tail-

11. How many people have you dated?

Simon: My ex-boyfriend and my current boyfriend Spencer :heart:
Conan: How many questions of this k-kind are you asking?? ....I-....I can't answer them.
Maurice: Uuuuuhmmmm..... -blushes- to be honest.... -rubs the back of his one so far ^////^;
Andrew: .... really dated ....then just Adam ^^

12. Ever kissed anyone?

Simon: -nods-
Conan: -shakes head- no...
Maurice:.....does my....little sister count? ono;
Andrew: YES~! :heart: -waggs his tail-

13. Do you have any kids? If so how many and what are their names?

Simon: Da fuck? =3=! ....but I like kids, they are adorable -chuckles lightly-
Conan: -blushes-
Maurice: No I haven't, I would know that o3o;
Andrew: I think that is only possible if one of the parter is female and the other one nope 8I
14. Have you ever "did it"?

Simon: Yes I "did it"....surprised???
Conan: -shakes his head blushing-
Maurice: -hides his face behind his hands-
Andrew: Yes eue~

15. Good or Evil?

Simon: Hmmm....Spencer said that I'm cute.....and that I have a bitchy that good or bad now? 
Conan: I'm good I guess ^.^;
Maurice: I'm a good one heh -smiled lightly-
Andrew: Adam said that I'm a good boy =///w///=

16. Have you ever killed someone? If so why?

Simon: NO! BU
Conan: Good lord, no! ...I could never do something like that D:
Maurice: -shakes head- no. I'm here to help, so I won't kill someone!
Andrew: No o3o -looks with puppy eyes at you-

18. Are you married?

Simon: No I am not married....-folds arms and sighs-
Conan: Nope I am not o3o
Maurice: No -shakes head-
Andrew: No but taken ouo

19. What was the worst day you have ever had?

Simon: ...I umm....I don't know if I should say that but.... -rubs his arms and looks down-....well I guess the worst day I've ever had was the day wehn I wanted that everything ends....
Conan: -starts to shake lightly- c-car-....accident....
Maurice: When I lost my little sister....I wasn't able to help her... -closes his eyes-
Andrew: Hmmmm..... too long ago, can't remember. ....besides it couldn't be that worse if I can't remember ^^

20. What was the best day you have ever had?

Simon: -smiles- when....when Spencer and I got a couple -rubs his eyes-
Conan: ....when I woke up from  the coma....I guess...I was still in pin but I could live again.
Maurice: There were so may best days....every day with my sis was a good day and also the day when I joined the hospital I am working today ^^
Andrew: My best day hm? .... tooooooo many! ....Everyday :heart:

21. What was your first date like?

Simon: We went to a club ...and got drunk....very "charming" but it was funny.
Conan: ...can't say anything about that o3o
Maurice: -shrugs- never had a real date-
Andrew: I went to an restaurant o3o....why do you ask?

22. Are you dead? If so how did you die?

Simon: I'm satnding in front of you, so I am not dead BU
Conan: ....I was...alomst, but I'm alive ^.^;
Maurice: No I'm alive as you can see -chuckles-
Andrew: Dead?? ...I guess I am alive because I'm still wandering around on this world and I can feel my heartbeat ^^

23. Are you married?

Simon: You already asked that =n=....
Conan: Huh? o3o ...didn't you asked that already?
Andrew: No but I'm taken ouo~

24. Did you marry your first love?

Simon: Pfff no, that would be one hell!
Conan: I am not married o3o...
Maurice: -curls tail a little- nooope 8I
Andrew: I think I will keep that a secret CX

25. What would you want your dream girl or boy to look like?

Simon: As long as he cares about me and loves me the way I am I don't mind how he looks like and I am very happy about my current boyfriend!
Conan: umm....I don't care the look, he must be nice and understanding ouo
Maurice: I don't care the look, I look more on the inside feelings and all and as long the person is lovingly and nice, I'm fine.
Andrew: Don't mind the look as long as he's caring :heart:

26. What are you most afraid of?

Simon: losing the things I love.... like....Spencer -blushes-
Conan: Cars...
Maurice: Losing the persons that are important for me.
Andrew: eating too much QQ

27. Have you lost someone close?

Simon: Yes mom....she live with an other guy now -sighs and flops ears-
Conan: parents are still in coma....
Maurice: My little sister....-tears up-
Andrew: -shakes head-

28. Who are you closest too?

Simon: ....hmmm....I guess Spencer and Conan is the only one I am very close too atm.
Conan: my grandfather and Simon is a close friend of mine.
Maurice: Axel and my parents I guess -shrugs-
Andrew: Adam! :heart:

29. If you'd do anything at all what would it be?

Simon: -sighs- ohhhh I don't know....drawing or....getting loose in a club -shrugs- ....being around Spencer -blushes-
Conan:.... reading and writing heh ^^
Maurice:  Get to know the special one -blushes-
Andrew: Hmmm... going dancing with Adam ^w^~ hehe

30. Okay you're done now go tag some people :D (Big Grin)! 

Alright ono....
I tag:
:icondessawolf:  :iconspeediederpcake:  :iconharleequeen:
You don't have too if you don't wanna ..... and of course everyone else who wanna do this! ^w^/

Made by Cyan-Creek

Oh god this was fun ^^ I'm tired so I am sorry for fails in the answers but I was tired XD
Good night -w-

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